Wyman Elementary

Wyman Elementary is an existing 58,000-square foot elementary school in St. Louis where the existing heat system was steam heat only. Mechanical Solutions provided the client with a central heating and cooling plant comprised of one (1) air cooled chiller, two (2) large air handlers with VAV hot water reheat boxes to serve each class room and two (1) boilers used for heating.

The challenge for this project was getting the large air handlers and new boilers into the lower level of the building. Walls had to be removed and ramps had to be built to safely move the new equipment in place. The other challenge was how to get the air from all of the floors and ducting returns back to the air handlers in the lower level while still providing air side economize for energy savings. Each room was ducted to the attic where it was gathered into a large return duct. Two (2) huge return shafts were provided to get the air back to the air handling room. During economizer mode (free cooling) the excess outside air was relieved thru two (2) large relief dampers located in the attic.

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St. Louis, MO


Wyman Elementary

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Education/ Religious

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