Mechanical Solutions Inc. is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) subcontracting firm specializing in design/build, engineering, BIM Coordination, installation, and HVAC service within the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. We employ union pipefitters, sheet metal workers, licensed professional mechanical engineers, and currently employing ninety-seven employees. Mechanical Solutions, Inc was established in 2006.

2013 was a defining year for Mechanical Solutions and consequently the entire HVAC industry in St. Louis. Mr. Weaver made the strategic decision to change his business model from a plan & spec contractor to a full service design build mechanical contractor to meet the growing demand for MBE firms that truly met the expectations of the industry in terms of the capabilities, experience and expertise necessary to compete at the highest level against the best competition that our industry has to offer.

In the summer of 2013, Todd took the unprecedented step of becoming the first and only full service design/build HVAC contractor in the St. Louis market. In order to achieve that objective Mechanical Solutions Inc invested heavily in personnel and technology, this strategic move has forever changed the HVAC market in St. Louis.